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Ten many years in the past Hound Dog Radio first went on the air when Frank (The Hound Dog) Coon flipped that switch and went live. Hound Dog Radio is primarily an Internet radio station that for the initial seven years came to us from Stone Mountain, GA. The radio station did have nearby frequency access on AM. Three many years in the past Hound Canine moved the station to Loganville, GA. Recently Paige Turner sat down to talk to Frank about the working day he began the station, the ups and downs of running a station and the satisfaction and enjoyment that has arrive from it. Right here is what Frank had to say.

Some have realized that what they utilized to do isn’t working anymore like it used to. They have radio ads and the price keeps going up whilst the response rate becomes much less because of internet radio stations Pandora and Slacker as nicely as satellite radio coming standard in most new vehicles.

Regarding radio Advertising, did you at any time consider AM radio? I utilized to pay much less than $5 per spot for sixty second places. it was an information talk radio station that also performed CNN headline information. Individuals driving in traffic, listening to AM radio had been all hearing my commercials. when doing radio Advertising it is still expensive if you target certain shows but what i did was called blanket advertising. i would buy a particular quantity of spots per 24 hour time period.

With a full size download of satellite Tv on computer, you can watch television at your comfort. You will not have to leave your work for that important game or show. Instead you would only have to reduce the Tv window on your display as you function on some thing in your pc.

online radio websites have thousands of reside radio streams from about the world, in basically each genre you can think of. So, whether you want to pay attention to the newest top 40 hits out of Los Angeles, or you want to listen to country music right out of Nashville, you can discover it.

What are my soundbites? When a reporter phone calls you for an interview (Congratulations! Your push launch grabbed them!), be prepared to speak quotably. Even although your job is to answer the reporter’s concerns, there are ways you can incorporate your main company message. One suggestion is to create three short bullet-point statements that express what you want individuals to know about your business. have them handy and discover methods to work these catchy statements in.

But none of that will matter. Simply because the government will determine what we need to listen to; who we require to obey. It would be fairly a turn of occasions; filled with rapturous harmony and arrangement. Like the wonderful future imagined for us by George Orwell!

The most successful businesses both large and little, have one thing in common they all have a monthly marketing budget and all remain constant every thirty day period. Create a Spending budget the quantity doesn’t make a difference just stick to it.

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